Collaborative Solutions

designing collaborative strategies

I work with organisations and community groups to increase wellbeing, productivity, engagement and effective communication. I will explore the challenges your organisation is facing and help you design strategies for improving interpersonal interactions. I offer group facilitation, cultural assessment and customised workshops. I design custom engagement strategies that enhance interpersonal relationships and organisational outcomes.

my priorities


I help people to connect, with themselves and with others, for personal and collective empowerment.

Innovative & sustainable solutions

I help people develop skills and practises to raise their awareness, assist them to overcome barriers, and design new solutions for their challenges.

Collaborative Strategies

I help people discover new ways of seeing and thinking about themselves, others and the world around them.

Here's how I work

I will work with you to ASSESS the factors contributing to the wellbeing of your team, EXPLORE how to build a culture that supports people to thrive and, in turn, IMPROVE OUTCOMES that are important to you. I will use systems thinking and the benefit mindset to connect the humans and embrace the diversity in your ecosystem to design efficient, effective, and holistic solutions. Solutions that positively impact people and the planet.
Book a discovery session to see how we could work together to make things better.

Step 1


Identify and observe your organisational challenges.

Step 2


Holistically assess the contributing factors, needs of the organisation and those working within it, and available opportunities and resources.

Step 3


Design a solution that works for everyone - when everyone is able to contribute, they feel connected and empowered to participate in the solution.

how can i help you?

Are you looking for ways to create positive social impact with your small business?

Are you experiencing poor engagement, internal conflict, poor productivity or high staff turnover?

Do you have a challenge and don’t know how to overcome it?

Is there a specific problem affecting people’s ability to thrive in your ecosystem?