Building communities

Looking to create an online community or improve engagement in one you already have? Work with me to explore the needs of your community and create the opportunity for them to come together in a positive way. 

I facilitate the co-design of online communities to ensure positive engagement, helping your community, organisation or team work together to achieve positive outcomes. Having founded the Good Karma Effect and grown a community of over 50 Good Karma Networks, I bring a unique skill set and perspective to inform the process of building and maintaining your community. 

Thriving cultures

Poor engagement, productivity or high staff turn over? Humans in your environment not thriving?

Healthy and happy humans are more productive, innovative, positive and engaged with their ecosystem and workplace. They communicate and work together better.

Work with me to assess the factors contributing to the wellbeing of your team, and explore how you might build a culture that helps your humans to thrive and in turn improve the outcomes that are important to you. 

Specific solutions

Does your organisation or community have a specific problem that is affecting the ability for the humans to thrive? 

Work with me to holistically assess the needs of the organisation and those working with it, so that, together, we can create a solution that works for everyone. I have designed solutions and workshops to address challenges in specific industries. Examples include ‘When is it time?’, a seminar for the veterinary industry designed to help vets clinics empower their clients to manage the end of their pets life in a way that minimises anxiety, trauma and guilt.

Inspiration to action

Have you ever wondered about the real change that is experienced by attendees at your events? Do they put what they have learned into practice, or find it difficult to know how?

Research tells us, despite feeling energised, excited and inspired when leaving events, as soon as a week later, many attendees can't even recall what they learned, let alone have put it into practice. The Inspiration to Action workshop is designed to harness the inspiration your event creates and help attendees turn it into action. 

It's a fabulous way to add value to your event or can be held separately in the days following it. Attendees will make a personal plan for utilising their newly acquired knowledge and inspiration to make a positive difference. They will learn techniques for taking action and overcoming barriers to progress that they can implement in their own lives. 

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