Connection Coaching

empowering you to connect with confidence

Human connection is not only essential to our well being but also provides a pathway to many other positive experiences and outcomes in our lives. When we connect with other people we have the ability to create so many opportunities. We can simply brighten each other’s day or solve problems together. We can help each other and find ways to meet each other's needs. We can develop deeper bonds, romantic relationships or business connections. However, the way that we connect affects what is possible and is an important skill for optimising your experience in relationships.

connection coaching

Do you find it difficult to meet people or build relationships? Do you find it hard to tackle important issues in your relationships? Are you afraid of reaching out when you need help?

Connection Coaching with me will help you build your capacity to facilitate more positive opportunities and experiences when engaging with the people in your life. Connection and communication are essential skills for optimising our relationships. When you can connect with people in a way that makes them feel seen, heard and valued, you can achieve almost anything together. Developing a greater awareness of the way we engage with each other, and working to improve these skills empowers fabulous opportunities for our connections.

Working together, we will:

Explore your personal perspective and previous experience of connection.
Consider particular concerns you have about how you connect or how others receive you.
Build your confidence to connect authentically in any situation.
Develop practises that empower you to facilitate positive outcomes when connecting with others.
Develop skills to help you make others feel safe, build trust, and minimise conflict when connecting on something important or emotionally charged.

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coaching for retail teams

We all know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, and the in store experience of your customers has the power to generate quite a ripple effect for your brand, either positive OR negative. I will work with your team members to help them connect with your customers in a way that turns them into raving fans.When people are connected they feel seen, heard and valued, resulting in an overall positive experience they’ll share with others. And then the sales will take care of themselves.

Typical sales training is theoretical and often team members will tick the boxes but not do the work. This can result in inauthentic or worse, non existent, attempts to connect with customers in store, minimising sales potential.

Practical sessions working with me are interactive and fun, and putting new skills into action straight away creates rapid feedback loops for deeper learning and retention.  

Key focus areas:

Learn how to assess the needs of different customers in connection
Explore and practise different ways to connect
Build staff confidence in their approach to customers.  
Build awareness around the factors contributing to positive or negative outcomes in connection.
Develop skills in building rapport to facilitate deeper needs exploration

Customer and business benefits:

Increased sales! (Due to many of the following…)
Improved trust in your staff when customers feel seen, heard and valued.
Authentic connections make your customers feel cared for.
Increased comfort and longer conversations facilitate increased time in store.
Comfortable customers will share more about themselves, helping you find the right solution for them.
Positive in store experiences make people feel good about the brand, even if they don’t make a purchase.
Improved staff experiences in their connections reduce personal leave and staff turnover.

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