Connection Exploration


July 10, 2021


Online Zoom Adventure - Wherever you are!

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Social isolation is the biggest health risk of our time. Despite being the most technologically connected humans have ever been, we are increasingly disconnected.

Do you ever ask yourself 'How do I connect authentically with other people? 'How do I start a conversation to talk about something important?' or 'When I see someone in pain how can I approach them in a way that allows them to feel safe so that I might be able help them?Maybe you really want to be understood and don't know how to engage in a way that might enable that. If so, then this workshop is for you.

Conflict and misunderstandings in communication often take their toll on us important relationships. As a result we lose confidence and develop fear that limits our ability to connect and communicate with others.

Being able to connect with other improves our ability to gain greater understanding, work together, achieve positive outcomes, all of which contribute to deeper relationships and better experiences with other people.

Connection exploration is a 90 minute guided adventure during which we will see what we can learn from pausing and observing the humans around us that will help us to authentically connect with others.

You will learn skills and techniques that will help you to connect with people and facilitate positive interactions in your life. As a result you will be able to build rapport and trust that will enable you to create positive outcomes in your connections.


As this is a guided exploration while you are on a Zoom call you will need to:

- Have a smart phone which allows you to move around to observe people

- Be able to find a place where you can sit and observe people going about their day. For example a market, a shopping centre, a park bench, a sidewalk cafe table, a train station, etc.

- Have a pen and pad for recording your observations and insights.

NB. Once you have signed up you will be sent the Zoom link prior to the event to join on the day.