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Have you ever wondered if real change is experienced by attendees at your events? Do they put what they have learned into practice, or find it difficult to know how? For any organisation aiming to facilitate social change, this is an important question to ask. What is the ongoing impact of our event?

Research tells us, despite feeling energised, excited and inspired when leaving events, many attendees can't even recall what they learned a week after.

'Inspiration to Action' is designed to harness the inspiration created by your event and help attendees turn it into action. It's a fabulous way to add value during your event or can be held in the days following it. Attendees will make a personal plan for utilising their newly acquired knowledge and inspiration to make a positive difference. They will learn techniques for taking action and overcoming barriers, that they can implement in their own lives.

After attending inspiring or moving events, documentaries or conferences, people are often energised to create positive change. However, once they leave they often experience barriers that stop them from taking action. Inspiration to Action will empower your event attendees to create change in their own lives, communities and in the world around them – RIGHT NOW! We will help people connect with the change they would like to see and then develop the skills and mindset to overcome challenges and make a difference in any circumstance.

What will your attendees will get out of this workshop:

- Exploration and acknowledgement of what has moved them to want to change things.

- Techniques for accessing positive change in any situation.

- Collaborative strategies that allow them to gain different perspectives, free them from limitations, and help them access the creativity to find new solutions.

- A plan (or plans) to make a difference, that are specific to them and their life.

What your organisation will get out of adding this workshop to your event:

- A fully customised experience that ensures your goals and any important factors relating to your event are incorporated into the design of the workshop.

- Attendees who leave guided and empowered in a way that amplifies the impact of the change your event seeks to make.