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The Impact of the Good Karma Effect

After 5 years the real impact of Good Karma Networks can be seen on our new website.

The Challenge

This time she decided to explore...

How the Kensington Good Karma Network came to be.

In 2016, while struggling with some pretty huge challenges, I decided to try and create the opportunity for people in my neighbourhood to help each other. Maybe in the hope that someone would be able to help me. And so began the story of the Kensington Good Karma Network.

The Velodesk becomes a reality...A COVID creation

Years ago, on paper, I designed a Velodesk because to have somewhere I could exercise, read, work, write and create all at the same time. I had discovered while reading books on the bike at the gym that, for me, this combination of things actually is incredibly productive, in many different ways. The last thing I was expecting was to be able to create a prototype while confined to my house due to COVID-19...

Words - A simple reflection

Words. What do they do for us? What do they do to us? Where do they take us and what do they bring us? What would we have and what would we do, if they were taken away?

A woman to watch?

Channel 10s The Project comes to find out about the Kensington Good Karma Network

Impact...? Boom!

Mikaela Stephens from Impact Boom talks with me about solving problems and creating positive social impact.

A subtle disruption...?

Adam Murray and I talk about cultivating connection in the place you find yourself now.

Exploring the Potential of Human Connection - Online

How did the Good Karma Effect begin, and what else might be possible creating online communities? The Kensington Good Karma Network makes it's debut in the media.

A simple reflection - 'The Quest'

A Simple Reflection - Let's explore what made you the human you are today...

During isolation... a reflection

Insights from falling off my bike...

Doing Things Differently - New beginnings...?

The opportunities of isolation...what have you learned to do differently?


You sparkled in from the stars...

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