Let's be better together.

Hi, I'm Amy and I need your help.

I believe that together, we can achieve anything. Now, more than ever, people and the planet need our help and I want to bring us together on 'Hey Humans' to do that.

'Hey Humans' will be a Social Connection platform that empowers a circular economy with a currency of contribution.

We are creating a platform, which will be safe place to ask for help so that we can connect, collaborate and contribute to help each other and the planet to thrive. 'Hey Humans' will be a community of people who help with what they have, where they are, when they can, because they want to.

Together, we will:
- Save money and the planet by recycling and sharing.
- Save time and resources by crowdsourcing solutions to our problems.
- Feel valuable by being able to make a difference when someone needs help.
- Feel supported when people help us with no expectation of anything in return.
- Build trust between strangers by sharing authentic testimonials of the humans that help us.
- Benefit from the diversity of our community for the many different solutions we can offer each other.

When you join Hey Humans, you'll be able to ask for help, and help others.

Together, we will be better.


  • A safe online community
  • Find people to help
  • Find people who can help you
  • Location specific
  • Filter for type of help
  • Collect authentic testimonials
  • Clear purpose - To help people help each other.

Get Involved

If you want to help people and the planet, or help us to create 'Hey Humans' please share your details with us.

We’re excited to have you onboard.

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'Hey Humans' concept has been designed Amy Churchouse at Doing Things Differently. To learn more, please visit our website.