Finding your solutions

Your challenges are unique to you and therefore you need unique solutions. No expert can provide you with a strategy or plan to make improvements in your life without considering all of the puzzle pieces that make up your life.

Work with me to co-design strategies for managing the hard stuff in your life so that you can empower your own optimal thriving. We will use an adventurous and agile approach to helping you make positive progress.

Everyone of us has a unique and diverse combination of needs, responsibilities and aspirations. Taking a holistic approach we will work together to explore the factors in your life that contribute to your well being, in order to design solutions and strategies for thriving that are specific to you. 

These sessions are focused on empowering you and raising awareness of the possibilities available to you to optimise your human experience. Maybe you’ve got a specific challenge, or a number of them? Let's find your solutions. Contact me to organise a time to chat about how we can work together.

Connection Coaching

How do you maximise the opportunity for positive outcomes when you connect with people? How do you connect in a way that minimises potential conflict? Connection and communication are essential skills for optimising our relationships. When you can connect with people in a way that makes them feel seen heard and valued, you can achieve almost anything together.

Maybe you've got something important to say to someone? Maybe you really want to achieve something and you need to connect with people to do so? Maybe you really want to help someone but you are not sure how?

These sessions are aimed at helping you build your capacity to facilitate more positive opportunities and experiences when engaging with the people who come into your life. Work with me to develop skills and awareness that will empower you to connect with confidence in any situation.

Get in touch to talk about what you want to achieve, so that we can make a plan for doing it.

For an interactive experience which introduces you to some techniques that will improve your ability to facilitating positive outcomes when connecting with people, please join me for a Connection Exploration zoom adventure.

Melbourne, Australia

We started working with Amy a few months ago, though it feels like we have known her much longer. We originally came to her with a request for couples counseling, but from the first session, Amy turned the focus back to each of us as individuals. She used her great talents for curiosity, kindness and compassion to create a warm and safe space for us to talk together. Thank you so much Amy, we cannot recommend you highly enough.

Melayni Bovaird-Cations
Adelaide, Australia

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and be supervised by Amy Churchouse for nine months on a community project with the University of South Australia. Amy’s coaching on creating connection and the impact of connection on individuals and communities built my personal and professional growth and skills in connecting and collaborating with people. She supported me to challenge my own beliefs and perspectives on a wide range of issues, which opened my mind to consider new and other perspectives that ultimately transformed my world view on the absolute importance of connection between people.

Bianca Chaitowitz
Melbourne, Australia

Amy is a very warm and generous person, with a unique capacity to relate to other humans and their challenges. She openly and generously offered up her boundless positive energy, creating a safe and comfortable environment for me to share. She offered a unique blend of practical questioning and empowerment, and then led me in problem solving the challenges I was facing. Together we came up with a personal, tailored approach, and a practical plan which aligned with my values and fitted my needs and lifestyle.

Kate Radford
Gold Coast, Australia

I thought I was pretty insightful and capable of seeing the other person’s perspective but Amy offered a whole host of other options that I hadn’t even considered - different ways to think; to talk; to reflect on the matter at hand. On top of this I got tools to use to help me change my behaviour and reactions moving forward. Talking to Amy for 30 minutes was like reading an entire self-help book if not 5! Thank you Amy, you rock!

Jessie larivierer
South Carolina, US

Amy and I worked together when I was struggling with finding the right direction in my career. She truly made me think differently and realize there are many options if I free my mind and open up my creativity. I feel empowered and I have a renewed energy and appreciation for how much I truly love my field. If you are having struggles with anything, anything at all, Amy can help give a fresh, new perspective and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Group experiences

Connection Exploration

Learn how to facilitate positive connection opportunities by ‘using your human’. During this experience we will explore what information and opportunities are available to us when we take the time to observe. Aimed to empower you with the ability to increase your awareness, build confidence and discover things that will help you to really connect with other humans so that you can facilitate positive interactions.

This 90 minute journey is a guided exploration available online or in person. We will observe people going about their day and participate in a series of exercises together that empower a greater awareness. See the events section for upcoming sessions or contact me to organise a group experience for your workplace or community. 

Introducing the Pause Button

A metaphoric pause button is a simple but amazing personal empowerment tool to facilitate positive outcomes in your life. Learning how to pause and then explore gives you the opportunity to discover things about yourself and that you have available to you empower you with choices that you never thought you had.

On this guided experience, you will pause, discover and design your own strategies for positive change. During the 90 minute session we will explore together the benefits of pausing before heading out and about to practice. See the events section for upcoming sessions or contact me to organise a personal or group session.


From Challenge to Change

Maybe you are facing a personal challenge or want to find a way to help people in your community but don't know how to get started. Maybe you're unsure how to take action, move forward and make a difference.

Does it seem like there are too many barriers in your way, or you’re not confident or experienced enough? It's hard to get started when you’re feeling blocked, so this workshop is designed to teach you how to access positive change when faced with any challenge.

By exploring the question ‘what can I do with what I have to make things better?’ you will be empowered to take action and create positive change. It’s a skill and mindset that can be used in any circumstance, time and time again, as the challenges in your life change. For details of the next scheduled workshop see the events section.

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