Personal Empowerment

awareness is the key

'Bildung' is a German word that describes the way I work with individuals. It refers to the development of the whole person. It involves gaining awareness about yourself and then developing skills and strategies that you need to respond to complex challenges as they present in your life. I will help you to gain awareness and a different perspective in order to overcome challenges and make positive progress, with whatever you have on your plate.

one on one coaching

Stuck with your life puzzle? Sometimes you just have to look at the pieces differently...

Your challenges are unique to you and therefore you need unique solutions. No expert can provide you with a strategy or plan to make improvements in your life without considering all of the puzzle pieces that make it up. Sometimes however we do need someone to help us explore our puzzle pieces and rearrange them to find a better fit.

Work with me to co-design strategies for managing the hard stuff in your life so you can engage with and design your life to facilitate your own optimal thriving. We will use an adventurous and agile approach to help you always make positive progress. I’ve designed a framework for overcoming challenges that helps you to be more intentional and effective when tackling the unexpected and the unpleasant.

The Pause to Puzzle Framework will empower you in any situation.

We begin with a 20 free minute discovery session in which you will be invited to share with me your situation, challenges, and what you would like to achieve so that we can consider pathways forward. If you decide that you would like to work with me to explore things further, you can continue as an apprehensive explorer (single session), tentative explorer (5 sessions over 2 months), or a committed explorer (10 sessions over 3mths)

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personal relationships

Have you been going around in circles with your partner or another person in your life? Are your attempts to improve things just making them worse? Have you hit a roadblock in your relationship that’s taking its toll on your lives and wellbeing?

Work with me and learn how to do things differently so that you can move forward and create positive experiences for everyone involved.

I’ll help you see yourselves, and each other, from a different perspective. We’ll work together to find ways to ensure everyone has their needs met.

Utilising the Pause to Puzzle framework that I have developed, I’ll help you become more aware of how you can facilitate positive outcomes in connection and communication, enhancing all of your relationships.

practical help

Are you overwhelmed by what you've got on your plate? Have you got so many things to juggle that you can’t see any of them clearly? Do you need an extra brain and set of hands to help you work it out?

If you’re time poor and struggling to get everything done I can help you. Let's tackle some of the practical challenges while we discuss the other things on your mind. I want to help you make positive progress and sometimes it's important to clear some of the clutter/barriers before we can move forward.

Maybe you need to squeeze in some exercise, clean out the garage or organise the cupboards in your house - all activities that I can help you with to assist arranging the pieces of your life puzzle. First, we will have a free 20 min discovery session to explore what you need help with and let’s make a plan for how we can get things done, together.

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