Words - A simple reflection


So many words. What do they mean? And to who and why?

Where did we pick them up, learn about what they mean and how does that change the way we feel about them? Or the people they are attached to. 

What do they tell people about us? And are they right? 

So simple, a combination of letters. Yet they carry so much expectation, power and responsibility.

Words can be dangerous.
Are words dangerous?

So much potential for understanding.

And for misunderstanding...

Do they speak the truth?

Or do they only represent one perspective?

Do we believe them? And why is that?

Because we trust them?

Or because we understand?

Because we trust who said them?

And how do we know we understand...?

Before there were words there were humans

What would happen if we took the words away? 

We all use words.

Words that are meant to help people understand us, understand what we are talking about. But what are the possibilities of these words taking you, us or them in a different direction from that which was intended? And do we ever think about it before the words come out? Or do we assume that they will be heard in the same way heard them when they began in our head?

'The Words' is a simple reflection that takes you on a journey that explores some of those possibilities, and the potential that lies in them.

If you are interested in taking this journey to see what else might be available to us when we explore the words more deeply, and consider what could happen if we took the words away, please head to the Book Depository to purchase the book.