Doing Things Differently - New beginnings...?

A simple reflection...

Is this the beginning of something new? For me?

Is it for you?

Since COVID 19 caused us all to be at home by ourselves with our things I have been doing things differently. I have actually been doing things differently for a long time, but recently I've been doing things differently in a different way.

A lot of us have been doing things differently. I think the question ‘How can we do things differently?’ has actually been the number one question asked by many people, organisations and businesses over the past couple of months. And it would seem that learning how to do things differently is revealing some pretty amazing discoveries.

Many of us have become more capable, more compassionate, more innovative, more adaptable, and more resilient. 

Could doing things differently be the new black?

Maybe not, yet, but this time has certainly shown us the capacity for adaptability that humans have. This time under pressure. Next time because it’s just a way to make things better? You’ll never know until you try ay?

I decided to do some writing, and then decided to try making a video to accompany my narration of this piece of writing. And now once again, doing things differently, I have decided to share this creation here.

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