During isolation... a reflection


During isolation... a reflection

And so it begins again! Sort of. Yes, exploring the potential of human connection is difficult, or should I say different in our currently pandemic affected world. I think it will be different forever. 

People are seeing people differently.

They are seeing them in their natural environments. In places where they are wearing themselves differently. Actually wearing themselves, not the portrait that is required by others opinions, or someone else who they have been conditioned to be.

Whether it be because they are in a zoom meeting at home, or because they are challenged by everything in their world changing, or because those roles aren’t important anymore. Because being human is.

I knew that something was missing but the spectrum of changes over this time had me wondering what...Not surprisingly, it was the people. I didn’t realise, living my new life in isolation, how much I missed random strangers until I fell off my bike when the wheel slipped on the tram lines in the rain.

With adrenaline pumping through my veins, I observed my body going into shock, the blood drained from my face, & I took deep breaths to stop myself from vomiting. Found the footpath outside a hairdresser and was joined, at a distance, by a woman in foils with the husband & wife who were doing her hair. They were worried. As was the man who pulled over in his car, the one that came across the road, someone checked over my bike, another found a nurse at the GP down the road to check me over and a number of people stopped as they walked by to see if I was ok.

Photo in a local hairdresser.
Thanking the rescue hairdressers

Humans are amazing. Especially when you are in need, or you are suffering. And when they can see that you are suffering. They just want to help. The blood and pale faced me sitting on the ground made it quite clear that things were not quite right and that I was in need of support in this instance. It did make me wonder what happens when the need or the suffering is less obvious…?  

Once I had gathered myself together and realised that nothing was too broken, I went into the hairdressers to thank them, walked down to the cycle path and got on my bike for a gentle ride home. It was raining, about 9 degrees and I was sore, however I rode home with an incredible sense of gratitude. For the people, my body, my bike, the weather, being in Melbourne and it didn’t stop there. And I reflected that I was actually better off on the other side of this negative experience than prior. 

Can you imagine if we had that insight prior to being faced with any challenges? Considered that if you were able to pause, observe and breathe through any challenge that things would be better for you? How would that change things for you…?