The Challenge

When the challenge appeared
She didn’t know what to do 
She didn’t think she had seen this challenge before 
It seemed bigger than the others
She was afraid 
She wanted to run away

But, like the other times more recently, she knew it was important to stay
That there was something here for her 
She felt a shiver and her heart beating in her throat

As she saw the challenge coming around the corner
She noticed that it was familiar. 
That this challenge was one she had encountered before. 
She clenched her jaw 
And reminded herself 
To breathe
To observe 
And to pay attention

The challenge loomed toward her, towering over her
And she looked it in the eye.
“Let's do this” she said.
As the words came out of her mouth
She felt energy flow into her fingertips
And her shoulders tense up,
As she inhaled the crisp air

Feeling her muscles twitch
She explored the challenge with her eyes.
She began to edge slowly
To one side.
As she did she watched it shift
And she could see a different angle.
She saw another side

She thought back
To the last time that they met
She hadn't seen the challenge this way before.

With curiosity she continued to explore.
She looked a little closer.
‘What’s that?’ she thought.
‘Is that an opportunity I see?’
And the challenge shifted again.
As it did she felt her posture change,
Her nostrils flare
And her strength rise
As oxygen filled her chest again.

She clenched her fists, held her breath 
And then looked around.
What else was here for her?
With her? To help her? 
This time she had decided to pause and explore.

And there they were.
She hadn't noticed them before.
All the things that had been there to help her,
And all those who were there to help her.

And the challenge groaned.

Looking back at it she saw it change.
The challenge began to shrink,
And continued to sink

Air into her lungs and her jaw relaxed.
She could feel them with her.
“Don’t worry” they said,
“We’re here with you”

Tears welled up in her eyes
As she watched the challenge begin to fall.
Pieces on to the ground
And smaller it became. 

Feeling their energy, their hands, their words
She watched it 
Break and shift and change
And then it didn’t look like a challenge anymore