A simple reflection - 'The Quest'


'The Quest'

"Where did you start?

Was it a conversation between your parents? Was it a night of passion? Or a long and challenging journey of fertility treatment?
Maybe you were planned, maybe you weren't...
How has that played out in your life...?
Or should we go back a little further than that?
How did your parents meet? At work? While traveling? At a party? At a sports club? On a bus?
Or was it an arranged marriage?
Did they hang around?
Physically? Socially? Emotionally...?"

Everyone of us has a unique journey on this planet.

One that has been affected by where we were born, who we were born to, the people that have come into our lives, the decisions we make, the places we have travelled, and so many other factors.

Have you ever considered the journey you have travelled and what has changed it's trajectory at different points in your life? 'The Quest' is a simple reflection that takes you on a path of exploration into what made you the human you are today.

If you are interested in embarking on a deeper journey into your human so that you can create more opportunities for connection, please get in touch on my contact page to purchase the book.