Amy Churchouse Bust

Let's do things differently and discover
what else is possible

Designing solutions to help
people & the planet to thrive

In this complex world, with such a huge range of diverse factors contributing to our personal and collective wellbeing, we need to work together to design simple and holistic approaches to our challenges in order to make positive change more accessible.

I work with individuals, community groups and organisations to develop awareness, practices and techniques that empower them to overcome barriers, design new solutions and create opportunities that help them to thrive.
Human connection underpins all of the work that I do, because when we are connected we can achieve anything.

Empowering positive change

With an empathetic, innovative spirit and a strong drive for solving problems I’ve developed a unique perspective and set of offerings from the journey I have travelled through my life. Now I am intentional with my actions and where I choose to allocate my energy and resources, and aim to engage in a way that always contributes positively. The ‘Kaizen’ principle of continuous improvement is a personal goal of mine that inspires the pursuit of greater understanding, awareness and contribution.



We are faced with challenges in all areas of our lives and all ecosystems that we engage with. In order to help you to turn obstacles into opportunities I have created the Pause to Puzzle Framework. This approach can be learned and applied by anyone and it can be adapted to empower positive progress when facing problems in any ecosystem.



I believe that we are better together when we have the opportunity to share our experiences, lessons, creations, treasures and the gifts that we have received on our journey. Everyone has something to offer. You are welcome to take what you wish from my journey if it might help you or others.


"insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result "

- Albert Einstein

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