let’s pause and explore

I am committed to a world where we embrace the diversity of our humanity for the opportunities it offers us. I work collaboratively to design systems and solutions to meet the needs of people and the planet.


I help people to connect, with themselves and with others, for personal and collective empowerment.


I help people develop skills and practises to raise their awareness, assist them to overcome barriers, and design new solutions for their challenges.


I help people discover new ways of seeing and thinking about themselves, others and the world around them.

About me

Amy Churchouse Headshot.

With an empathetic, innovative spirit and a strong drive for solving problems I’ve developed a unique perspective and set of offerings from the journey I have travelled through my life. Now I am intentional with my actions and where I choose to allocate my energy and resources, and aim to engage in a way that always contributes positively. The ‘Kaizen’ principle of continuous improvement is a personal goal of mine that inspires the pursuit of greater understanding, awareness and contribution.

Having had experience in many industries and the opportunity to observe the challenges that people are experiencing across diverse settings, it became apparent to me that a more holistic approach to well being was needed. I’m passionate about human connection and committed to designing new approaches to problems that set people free from the obstacles holding them back. I help people gain a different perspective to see out of the socially constructed boxes that we so often find ourselves in, so they can discover what else is possible.

One project that demonstrates my desire and drive for facilitating human thriving, as well as my ability to design strategies and systems that enable that is the Good Karma Network, an online community designed to help people help each other. The success of this community in 2016 inspired the Good Karma Effect, a movement which continues to provide the opportunity for thousands of people in need to connect with others, work together and solve problems, in turn empowering healthy, resilient and sustainable communities.

my priority areas

Creating safe places

When we feel safe, we open ourselves to connect at a deeper level and discover new opportunities.

Personal empowerment

Once you have the skills to design your own solutions, you can overcome any challenge.

Facilitating positive change

There is always a way to make things better, (sometimes you just can’t see how).

Optimising efficiencies

Minimising energy and resource wastage increases our capacity, opportunities and impact.

Continuous improvement

Every step in the direction of positive progress is to be celebrated.

Shifting perspectives

By seeing problems from different perspectives, you discover new possibilities to solve them.

Let’s work together to make things better